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Naturally Carbonated Mineral Natural Water SALENYS

  • High quality product having a rich history since 1823.
  • The spring from which Salenys water is sourced is Naturally Carbonated. During bottling the carbon dioxide gas is re-added, so that the level of carbonation in bottled Salenys matches that of the spring.
  • The gas in our bottled water remains intact as Salenys is carbonated from the source. Our spring is sixty meters deep containing fresh cold water. Due to this fact Salenys has a unique soft taste.
  • Salenys is a Natural source of Minerals, having high mineralization, our water is rich in diverse essential Minerals that are a daily necessity to keep your body healthy.
  • Salenys offers natural sparkling water in 3 different sizes and only in glass bottles. On the plus side, glass bottles are easier to clean and are sure to be free of harmful chemicals like BPA.
  • Due to its Unique chemical Composition and beneficial effects the water was declared as Medicinal-Mineral by the R.O. of july23, 1947. In many cases the product serves as a natural substitute to medications.
  • Extraction is located in the wild forests of Costa Brava, Spain where the air pollution is minimized making in it an ideal environment for production and bottling.
  • Salenys offers a 100% Natural product with NO Chemical interference while filtrating.
  • Salenys goes perfectly with food and is a substitute to soda drinks. It normalizes digestion and is also recommended by nutritionists.



Since ancient times, many civilizations were interested in springs of natural water that are rich with minerals, and especially in those that were infused with carbon dioxide. This type of rare mineral water was very famous, and it provided users with natural healing properties that are unique and very beneficial to our metabolism.

In the beginning of 19th century and inside the forests, right next to a little river called Salenys, was found the spring of Aigua de Salenys. Exploitation and commercialization of High purity water started since 1823. This is one of the oldest springs in Spain, where the area attracts local people and tourists for walking, hiking, or camping.

The water of Salenys has a long history, which is divided into 3 main phases. The first phase took place between 1823-1902, when the water was distributed to restaurants in barrels. In the second phase Salenys started to collaborate with the Laboratory of Oliver Rodes, and embarked production of the water in glass containers since 1902.

Due to its curative characteristics, the water of Salenys was mostly sold in the pharmacies as a Natural remedy for the digestive system and later it was used as a perfect complement with food.

Throughout this period and up to 1986, the factory had the capacity of production of 3000 liters per day. There were cases when the water demand increased highly and it was provided as curing water to people with malnutrition. A good example would be when the mass digestive system infections were caused by tap water in Barcelona in the beginning of 20th century. Doctors used it as a natural alternative to some medications due to its unique chemical composition and beneficial impact on human body. Salenys takes out the toxins from our body and normalizes the stomach function. As a result Aigua de Salenys was Declared Medical Mineral Water for public utility by the R.O. of July 23,1947.

The third phase was the opening of a new spring in the area of Salenys factory in 1986. The new hole, of 60 meters depth, enabled us to have more capacity of Sparkling water up to 9000 liter a day. Despite the modern day challenges, Salenys has kept the tradition of having only glass bottle containers as a high quality indicator.

Throughout the history, Aigua de Salenys was considered as El Agua De La Costa Brava, serving only high purity sparkling water to the people and the guests of the shore. Now it is the new era of Water of Salenys aiming to continue good traditions and supply high purity Natural Sparkling Water to its real lovers.


Salenys is the Best solution for people preferring sparkling water during the meal, Easily digested both during fasting and during meals, normalizing digestion.

Pure water of Salenys has HIGH Mineralization, which is making it a Natural Remedy being highly Beneficial for more than 14 diseases. Water also has highly Beneficial impact on poisoned people: detoxifying and normalizing organisms.

Mineral Natural Water of Salenys is Stimulant in Stomach and Liver

Salenys water does NOT produce any harmful effect if drank heavily.

High mineralization

Chemical Composition (mg/l)
  • Residuo seco a 180oC2497
  • Bicarbonato (HCO3)3041.5
  • Sulfato (SO4)2.3
  • Cloruro (Cl)31.7
  • Fluoruro (F)0.34
  • Calcio (Ca)651.8
  • Magnesio (Mg)117.0
  • Sodio (Na)149.3
  • Potasio (K)5.5
  • Sílice (SiO2)89.0

The Unique Mineral composition of Salenys is the key secret of it having curative characteristics. Sparkling water Salenys is a 100% natural spring of Calcium and Magnesium. Our body needs these minerals daily and Salenys is an excellent solution to meet that demand.

Having high contents of beneficial minerals Salenys contains relatively low amounts of sodium, which makes the water pleasant to drink.


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